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Workplace Harassment 2/2/2018 State Bar of AZSolo Section
Employment Law 3/22/2018 Women in Dentistry
Sexual Harassment 4/5/2018 State Bar of AZ
Sexual Harassment 5/4/2018 State Bar of AZ
Ethics for School Superintendents 7/9/2018 AZ School Administrators
Lawyer Succession Planning 10/7/2018 National Bank AZ
Protection from Impaired Lawyer 10/26/2018 AZ Women Lawyers
School Employee Issues 11/2018 ASU Law Group
Sexual Harassment 11/15/2018 AZ Constitution Society
Professionalism 2/12/2019 State Bar of AZ
Soft Skills for a Hard World 2/21/2019 Az State Univ
Lawyer Wellness 2/22/2019 AZ Employment Lawyers
Essential Employment Law 3/21/2019 State Bar of AZ
Keep Certified Staff from Trouble 4/8/2019 AZ School Administrators
Professionalism 5/14/2018 State Bar of AZ