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I just got fired. Can I sue my employer?

ContractsIt depends.
Do you have a written contract of employment?
Did you sign an agreement to arbitrate all employment disputes?
Are you represented by a Union? If so, please contact your Union about filing a grievance.
Were you fired because of your race, sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age or for filing a charge of discrimination based on any of these? You can file a charge of discrimination with the Arizona Civil Rights Division (602-542-5263) or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (602-640-5000).
Were you fired because you complained about wages, hours and working conditions on behalf of yourself and at least one other person or because of union activities? You can file a charge of discrimination with the National Labor Relations Board (602-640-2160).
Were you paid everything due you? You can file a wage claim with the State Labor Department of the Industrial Commission of Arizona if the amount is less than $5000.00 (602-542-4515).
Were you fired for making a safety complaint or calling OSHA to the job? You may file a charge of discrimination with the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (602-545-5795).

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