Why do you charge a consultation fee?

Because each situation is unique. The attorney takes the time to review the materials you send and the information you convey during the consultation process. Employment and labor matters are always fact intensive and often difficult.

What is the consultation fee? Do you take credit cards?


Yes, I accept credit cards, checks, money orders and cash.

Is this $300.00 for consultation?

Yes, it is a flat fee for up to one hour of consultation.

What do I receive for this fee?

The attorney’s undivided attention during the consultation and the attorney’s time in preparation for it. The attorney cannot give you a formal legal opinion about your case unless you retain her services for the future.

Does a consultation mean I have retained a lawyer?

No. It only means that you have consulted with a lawyer. If the attorney and you decide to form an attorney-client relationship after the consultation, it will be done in writing and you and she will need to agree upon an attorney fee for future work.